Clean, customized humor to fit every event

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Instead of introducing Dave as a comedian, 

consider bringing him on stage under the guise of an impostor: An expert in the field, a consultant, a new hire that just happens to be related to the CEO, ETC...

Then watch your fellow employees’ reactions.  Dave will arm himself with the right amount of research to be believable but will present outlandish ideas and left-of-center concepts to make the audience wonder “What’s up?”

Dave has utilized this path on many occasions before launching into a comedy performance (once he confesses who he really is) …always with unpredictable and great results!

“The Impostor approach went over very well!  Being introduced as the new Vice-President of Marketing who just happened to be the CEO’s brother-in-law was very convincing and months later is still the talk of the company!” 
-Jerry O. -The Odle, McGuire and Shook Corporation

“Dave was very, very entertaining as our keynote speaker. But first, we had him improvise as an imposter using our industry language which made it genuine, real and over the top hilarious! I received accolades that it was the best sales conference that we’ve ever had! “

-John B. - Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield